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I get a terrible itch on my perineum from one instrument, which is, besides the “didgeri-don’t, the sitar. Not that I have anything against people like Ravi Shankar or bands like the Beatles. On the contrary. But the sound of this instrument gives me a sick, subcutaneous feeling. And now let Lord of Poisons, the first song of the self-titled debut of Las Historias start with sitar sounds…

Argentinian Las Historias, founded in 2018, started as a duo consisting of guitarist Tomas Iramain and drummer Juan Tamargo. Clearly inspired by Jimi Hendrix’ guitar play and mind-altering substances, they started making psychedelic trip music.  Less than a year later bass player Manuel joined and Las Historias became the power trio as it is today. Although …?

las historias

In April this year they released their self-titled debut through Bandcamp. Soon after this the Italian label Electric Valley Records decided to release the album physically on vinyl. Where the original consists of four numbers, the vinyl version has an extra song: Lord of Poisons which is also the opener. Enough written about that one earlier. Except that it takes five minutes (too long). The second track, Frankenstein, definitely compensates this. It sounds like a jam session accompanied by vocals, which are very rare on the record. After two minutes the guitar pedals are pressed very well and the sound of distorted guitars smashes you in the face. After listening to this song, it is without a doubt that Las Historias has Jimi Hendrix as one of its sources of inspiration. The distorted sound continues for five minutes and with a paper trip under my tongue I’m waiting (read: cup of coffee) for the next song. Hada Madrina gives you the feeling of driving on a dusty, hot road through the Argentinian landscape in a car without air conditioning and accompanied by Willem Dafoe as co-driver. Imagine a new movie by David Lynch. Ya vendrán, the longest song, starts with a distorted wah-wah sound accompanied by vocals. After some time, guitarist Tomas Iramain goes completely loose again: intense, dirty and distorted. Guitar sounds blasting from the squeaky car speakers at different paces. It takes five minutes to make way for that wonderful road trip feeling again. The last one, Mayhem and Sex, could be stolen from Electric Wizard (or vice versa). Although … this song is Spanish. Good tempo and again distorted guitars. When I close my eyes, I see the liquid slides appearing on my retina and smell patchouli everywhere.

Recorded at Luto Recordings, Cordoba, Argentina. Engineered by Pablo Aguirre. Artwork by WOM.

Half an hour later and Las Historias’ debut is over. And that is a pity. In fact. I would have preferred that they left this album on Bandcamp as a download only. The debut album doesn’t feel like a debut. I have the feeling that it is a collection of separate tracks put together. Because of his wonderful guitar playing, everything is concentrated around guitarist and singer Tomas Iramain. As a result, Las Historias does not sound like a real band, yet. Does this make the record a bad one? Certainly not. Except for the first track. I’m waiting impatiently for their next record.

Las Historias on Bandcamp

las historias





  • greasy and nasty sound
  • look at the cover


  • too short