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DJ mensenschuw & halbstark

dj mensenschuw & halbstark

Sometimes I spin records as DJ Mensenschuw. Together with DJ Halbstark. Our latest DJ-set was on April 21st at Vessel 11 in Rotterdam. Enjoy!


OST – Dueling banjos
The pandoras – hot generation
Fades away – don’t tread on me
Das aldi combo – human fly
The Rokes – Piangi con me
The smoke – that’s what I want
Sam the Sham – How do you catch a girl
The group – night life
Big Paulus – 1999
splodgenessabounds – two pints of lager and a packet of crisps please
Peter and the Test Tube Babies – easter bank holiday
cryin’ out louds – motorcycle cop
Boogies – Mèh
trio – dadada 
divine – shoot your shot
sohali rana – soul sitar
Roger King Mozian – Sirocco
sergio ferraresi – time of machines
Butthole Surfers – Moving to Florida
reverend beatman – jesus christ twist
Gluecifer – Easy Living
the jam – going underground
Ramones – Somebody put something in my drink
the sweet – fox on the run
Blue Cheer – Summertime
the black diamonds – I want, need, love you
The Monsters – Fever
Adrian Lloyd – got a little woman
The Del-Vettes – Everytime
Heinz – just like Eddie
Vastum – dispossesed
Augustus Pablo – King Tubby meets the rockers uptown
Sam Neely – I fought the Law
Sisters of mercy – Alice
Flipper – ha ha ha
the Dials – all I hear….
Operation Ivy – Sound System
les Robots – big trouble in outer space
The Mutants – Timba am Gaya
Iggy Pop – lust for life
Corporal Ganders Fire Dog Brigade – Paranoid
Lee Kristofferson – night of the werewolf
Terrorizer – Dead shall rise

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